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    Diary dates for the begining of 2018
    January 13th Toat Sport horses Wisborough Green New Forest Private 27th Merrywood Equestrian Chertsey (full)

    3rd/ 4th Cannington Equestrian , Bridgwater

    one space

    10th Ashdown Forest, contact me for spaces


    18th Clare Pool Showing Gloucester.Contact Clare for spaces    www.clarepool.com
    February 25th Mills Stables Gloucestershire. contact me for spaces.    
    March 4th Hampshire/Dorset venue tbc 24th Suffolk.Contact me for spaces.  

    These are the early dates with spaces, 

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    A playlist to share,

    designed to bring a little sunshine to your life 

      Track name Artist
    Walk Brothers under the sun Bryan Adams
    Walk Chin Chin de Amor Joel Hierrezuelo
    Trot Here comes the sun Munich symphonic sound 
    Trot California dreaming Almighty vs the midnight shift
    Trot Beautiful day The RPO
    Canter Samba por Alli Johannes Linstead
    Canter Havana next stop World music collection
    Canter Hakiu Hawaiian music unlimited
    Walk Out of Africa The RPO

    Ease your self into a sunny disposition, begining in walk.Practice a little mindfulness lose the negative, ignore the cold and begin your journey to a sunny day

    This is a short trip you can take,without your passport.

    We all know it's easy to have a complete sense of humour failure when you are cold and wet (maybe for the tenth time that day) Not to mention scraping the mud off your hippo!

    I have started on my 2018 clinics already, so I know that some of you are already dancing the blues away, but for the rest of you this little playlist is from me to you until we meet up later in the year. I'm going to post up all of my dates, so there is no excuse to miss out.

    See you all soon lots of love from Aunty Music

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    The year ahead is booking up rather quickly, and I want to make sure none of you miss me if I am in your area,

    Here are my dates and locations so far, even if they are private clinics there is a possibility that I may be able to fit you in if I am in the area, so please contact me if you are interested in designing a new test or to find the perfect tracks to help you with your schooling.
    Jan 28th RoR Gloucester , Organise Clare Poole , (Private)
    January 31st Evening lecture The Holistic Horse Club Surrey
    February 12th Pirbright Surrey Open organiser Lorraine Holloway
    February 18th Hurstbourne Tarrant
    March 19th Petersfield Sussex
    March 25th RoR Gloucester Clare Poole Showing Team
    April 2nd Poppinghole Farm Robertsbridge Sussex
    April 29th 30th Cannington College Bridgwater Somerset open to all
    May 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th. David Broome Centre
    June 17th Pontispool Centre Somerset (Riding Club)
    July 13th 14th Pontispool (Riding club)
    July 16th RoR Surrey Organiser Pippa Boyle Hickstead
    July 17th/18th Bicton Arena residential camp
    Please use the 'Contact us ' button, or Find us on Facebook if you would like to book a session Weekdays also availabe.


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    British Dressage have requirements for each level, starting with walk and trot (intro) all the way up to Grand Prix.
     Test sheets available from         http://www.britishdressage.co.uk/online_shop/category/test-sheets

    This forms the bare bones of your test, All of the prescribed elements must be included in your test, you can add anything from non- music tests at the same level. The judge never sees your floorplan in written form .It is very different to riding a non music test where they know what you should be doing for every moment of your test.

    Be inventive ,and design patterns that help your horse, for example if your medium strides just don’t lengthen as much as you’d like , try popping in a small circle before them . The apparent difference between short and long strides become much more obvious.
    Keep your patterns symmetrical  (especially at the lower levels) it helps the judge to understand your test, and means they won’t miss a prescribed element. If they’ve seen it once they know what they are looking for on the opposite rein.
    You are allowed between 3minutes and 5 minutes for your test, depending on the level you are competing at. Your allotted time will be on the requirements sheet you obtain from British Dressage. If you go over or under time you will receive penalty marks. The  steward will measure the time of the test from the first hoof off the ground after the first halt in the arena  to the final foot hitting the ground in the  halt at the end of your test..
    Allow yourself about 20seconds for intro music ,This is the time it takes you to get from the outside of the arena to your first halt. You won’t be judged for the intro, but it does set the standard for the rest of your test. Your halt should be between 4 to 6 seconds it can take place anywhere on the centre line.  Most people have a silence in their test for the halts but you can have music at a reduced volume level.

    ~~There are many books , and articles on the subject, most suggest you count your horses beats per minute,(the number of times a selected foot hits the ground in a minute) and then match them with music of the same BPM. In my experience most people find this a daunting task, You can spend many hours listening to music trying to count the beats , and still not find a track you horse can move to.
    I much prefer riding a horse to music I think might work ,it’s a great exercise. You are trying to feel if the music makes you rush or hold back your horses paces. The right music should be an easy ride which feels like it picks you up and carries you along. I can hear you asking ‘does the horse need to hear it?’ If it’s a Lusitano ,,,yes it does!! We all know they have an opinion on everything, they will let you know when the music is right.
    For my own personal use I have a little mini speaker , which can sit in your pocket or bum bag, attached to your phone, MP3 player or Ipod. Professionally I use a public address system. it allows the music to be heard across the arena, ,and accustoms the horses to loud music

    We need to be licensed to use music for competition, after many years of consultation British Dressage have come to an agreement with the licensing authority, you are automatically covered if you have full BD membership if not you will need to pay them £30 for music membership.
    In both cases you will have  to complete a music sub licence agreement and a music licence record, before you can compete. They will need to know the name of the tracks you use, who the artist is and how much of each track your test consists of. BD will then send you stickers that must be on the music CD you submit at the competition.
    There are many apps and programmes you can download to help you edit your music ,Audacity Cubase, and Acoustica are three examples, but check for yourself before you decide which one will be easiest for you to use
    .A basic format might be 20 seconds intro, 4 seconds halt, 1min 45 seconds trot, 45 seconds walk, 1min 50 seconds canter, 25 seconds trot to halt at end of test. That’s just to give you a rough idea of how a test fits together , for example you may find its better to put the canter  before the trot if your horse isn’t too forward going .Play with it until you find what works for you.

    ~~You will need to take two copies of the cd with you, making sure each one has your name on it and the BD stickers. Hand them to the secretary when you arrive and make sure you collect them at the end.
    If for any reason your cd doesn’t play or is faulty, the venue are obliged to let you start again with your second disk.
    When you enter the arena the judge will ring a bell /sound a car horn to advise you time to get yourself in position to start your test, Raise your hand to alert the public address people to start your music. Don’t panic if it doesn’t start right away ,there is often a delay
    Take a deep breath and enter the arena with confidence, if you get something wrong and things don’t go quite to plan smile and carry on , the judge doesn’t know what you meant to do , so as long as you don’t show it they won’t spot your mistake .Make sure all the required elements are all in there you will be penalised if any are missing. But most of all enjoy every moment of your performance.
    I envy all of you that will be trying this for the first time, The sound of your music playing loud and clear at a competition as you trot down the centre line is an amazing feeling, ,it sends tingles down my spine every time I compete .Remember it should be fun for you and your horse, Lose the tension It’s just you and your best friend in a bubble of music showing the world how fabulous you are.
    If you still feel this is not something you can do own your own you can always bring in the experts such as myself, who will create the whole thing with you, so there is really no excuse not to have



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