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    Sunday 14 th april

    Preston Farm Stables

    Little Bookham

    Specially reduced cost £25

    per person /horse

    Ever wanted to try Dressage to Music? Well now is your chance,in the relaxed atmosphere of Preston Farm Stables, Little Bookham, Surrey.

    Each session will be individually tailored to meet the needsof the horse and rider,choreography,music selection,try a test, or just for fun music to school to.


    Contact 07957465323

    or via the web site


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    If you browse the images along the top of the web pages you will find an image of four horse working on their Quadrille,they are some of our display team.In this one we have a Lipizzaner /Lusitano, a Lusitano,a Welsh cross and a cob,all work well to music and are ridden in an empathetic encouraging way.

    I see these horses some more often than others,this particular  team hasn't been out since last summer,but as soon as they hear 'their music' the ears prick up, they naturally come into contact  ready for action.Each rider feels their horse loves the music.

    Individually however each one chooses completely different styles to respond to.

    the Lusitano Lipitzzaner cross has modern gypsy guitars.

    The Lusitano has Zorro 

    The Welsh favours Abba

    and the Cob has mood relaxation tracks.

    The riders inform me that the music the horses select aren't necessarily something they enjoy without their horse, but because the response is so positive they go with it and reap the benefits.

    So just remember when selecting tracks be guided by your horse

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    How interesting that there is a trend to music selection,and not by the riders!

    This weeks most popular dancing track has been

    Ravels Bolero!

    So come along my lovely horsey friends, why has that one been so popular lately?

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    Too little,too much?

    Music helps,I can remember having a lesson, and the trainer saying to me"Amanda I know you think that is medium canter, but it isn't !"

    Well,you may ask yourself why not?

    I have to admit that the thought of all that extra impulsion,and all that whent with it filled me full of horror.

    so worried that it would all just fall into a mad uncontrollable gallop I would hold tight to the reins,making sure it whent nowhere fast!

    Then one day I met my inner Pegasus I allowed it to fly on wings of music,and as if by magic I could allow the canter forwards,bring it back, collect it more if required,wow what a feeling.

    As long as I hear my music, be it in my imagination or on speakers my horse respondsi in a positive way.

    Impulsion allows me to really express the feeling of the music,so  no matter what level you ride at have a go at allowing your horse to show you what it's real and comfortable rhythm is.

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