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  • Tara talks 24 March 2013 | Comments (0)

    Well hello my lovelies Tara here, the horse that helps Amanda with her work creating music freestyles.

    well I say help, but quite frankly I do most of the work, she sits up on top doing the thinking thing,and I tell her in no certain terms wether it is possible or not.

    I used to tell her most things weren't possible,I had been snoozing in a field for a little while when she came along and decided I was going to get back to work,we'll you can imagine I was not best pleased.

    any way as time has gone on and I feel a little fitter I have started showing her some of the things I used to do when I competed with the Camilla.

    I threw one of my very lovely flying changes at her the other day,just the one mind don't want to spoil her,well you do one then she wants more!!! I don,t think so she can wait for those!

    last week she was getting Wendy the Shetland to help her with some sort of competition, she got buckets full of treats and none for me, we'll once again I was not best pleased 

    the Shetland Wendy had to chose one bucket and it had a persons name on it,that person won a prize of a freestyle  so that she can go out to Competing.

    now I have heard the lady is called Lucy and she has avery fine ex racehorse .

    I love it when I hear my retired friends find new jobs, goodness if I have to come back from retirement so should they.

    I have decided I will help aunty music put the very best test together for them I think those ex racers deserve a treat.

    Aunty say we will do some videos and show you how they get on,I think that will be just fine!

    See you soon




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    I was invited out to Kent today to find some new music for a horse that just got a wild card for the National Championships.

    what was our aim? Find some music that really grabs the attention of the judge, and shows off the very best of the horse that also inspires the rider.

    no pressure there then....

    the horse is amazing with bags of potential,very expressive movement, but very early in its career 

    so this is what brings me to my title....

    The reactivehorse

    Each time the music whent on the horse responded explosively to every change of tempo, every cymbal, every drum. How was this ever going to work?

    We can't punish the horse for reacting can we? don't we want reactions from them?

    Of course we do but we want positive reaction,the rider was fantastic finally using each reaction and turning it into a positive, allowing me to find tracks that lit them both up .

    Leave out the drum solos,cymbal crescendos ,loud aggressive transitions and what are we left with.......art!

    Sympathetic,encouraging riding,athletic horse with bags of potential,and ittle old me trying to help glue it all together with music to inspire.

    I really can't wait for this to come to fruition.

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    The result of the Face Book Like and share is now on my Face Book page,

    Do check it might be you

    videos of our winner to follow

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    Have a look at the top left hand corner of this page and you will see my logo.

    designed by Heidi Falkener,it depicts two Pegasus,there wings are musical notes.

    To me that is what dressage freestyle is all about,if you find the right music it gives you an amazing feeling,in fact Like Your Horse Has Wings!

    Horses do respond to music, only this weekend I was working with a new group of riders and many of the horses had never heard or moved to music whilst being ridden.

    The riders came with open minds all were working with very giving hands to allow the horse a little more stretch, and we then had them moving forwards to music.

    each person felt the horse pick up the rhythm and not only that the tempo,style and character of the music.

    At the moment both horse and rider 'got it' there were big smiles and fantastic moments of relaxation and positive excitement from the horse.

    I love my job, I get to share in some fantastic moments,to me they are The Pegasus moments.

    Don,t miss out on them or underestimate them give it a go dance with your Pegasus on wings of music!

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