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  • For Shetland pony lovers 'Everywhere' 

    lets all get out and moon dance on the yard today.

    Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac.

    actually is a rather nice walk track, 

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    It,s not all about competing,music is there to have fun with as well,on this lovely sunny day have a try schooling to Mike Posners__Smarter than me.

    it,s got loads of cadence for your trot, and lets face It our horses do think they're smarter than us


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    Hello all,

    Well I normally let Tara speak for me she certainly is an opinionated mare,

    I should know,I ride her and she always tells me what she thinks,I just wanted to give you my thoughts on selecting music for your dressage test.

    I have just got back from a weeks worth of competitions watching clients,and I think we chose really good music for the horse, each track designed to enhance the paces, rhythm, choreography,and finally the personality of the horse.

    Wouldn't it be great for the judge to hear the music and to understand how it feels to ride that particular horse

    I notice the music of non clients too and it occurred to me that many of them select the same music ,and whilst say James Bond, and Pirates of The Caribean work for some they certainly don,t work for all.

    Give your horse the best chance be original,think of your test as your signature tune and it will be a great way for your judge to remember you and your horse, and for you to get the best marks possible.

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    Tara thinks ! 22 February 2013 | Comments (0)

    FURTHER THOUGHTS FROM TARA THE MARE WITH AN OPINION Well good evening my dears,this is an exciting time for my dancing friends.some of them love to dance somewhere called 'Competing' And I know from the chatter on the yard that lots of them are going tomorrow. So dear friends Good Luck! They are traveling to a town in Competing called Winter Regionals. I know a lot of very important people live there, because all the tack has been cleaned and polished,mane and tails pulled,clips done (which is a bit chilly may I say! The humans get a bit excited,and nervous.Some of them are a bit difficult to load,as you know us horses NEVER refuse to get on the lorry to go for a drive,but the humans seem to love walking backwards and forwards on the ramp,I'm don't know why they just can't get on with it. It, lovely going to Competing, and when we get there lot,s of people come to see us strut our stuff. Some of my friends have some very special moves they save just for the day! We especially love dancing to our own music,no matter where you are when your music comes on its just like being at home. So dear dancing friends enjoy your music,dance your socks off and bring home those lovely ribbons Kind regards Tara
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