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  • Have a look at the top left hand corner of this page and you will see my logo.

    designed by Heidi Falkener,it depicts two Pegasus,there wings are musical notes.

    To me that is what dressage freestyle is all about,if you find the right music it gives you an amazing feeling,in fact Like Your Horse Has Wings!

    Horses do respond to music, only this weekend I was working with a new group of riders and many of the horses had never heard or moved to music whilst being ridden.

    The riders came with open minds all were working with very giving hands to allow the horse a little more stretch, and we then had them moving forwards to music.

    each person felt the horse pick up the rhythm and not only that the tempo,style and character of the music.

    At the moment both horse and rider 'got it' there were big smiles and fantastic moments of relaxation and positive excitement from the horse.

    I love my job, I get to share in some fantastic moments,to me they are The Pegasus moments.

    Don,t miss out on them or underestimate them give it a go dance with your Pegasus on wings of music!

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